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Unified cross-border payment

Our services allow people and businesses to send and receive money securely and with certainty.


The iFlexMoney has everything you needs to pay, get paid, and grow globally.

Secure & Fast Payment

The most secure and fast payment can be made through iFlexMoney app.

Reports & Analytics

View daily transaction reports & analytics easily & improve your business.

Send & Receive Anytime

Send and receive money at any time with maximum security through iFlexMoney.

Accept and optimize global payments

We’re built to give you more flexibility and efficiency in a payment solution while focusing on what matters most to your business — your buyers and sellers.

Our Unified Payments API gives you immediate access to all the local payment methods, digital wallets, and global card schemes you need to create smarter regional strategies and happier customers.

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iFlexMoney it's a cross-border digital wallet that allows users to store and manage various currencies and make transactions across different countries or regions. iFlexMoney is designed to facilitate international financial transactions and provide users with the ability to send, receive, and store funds in multiple currencies.

  • Users create an account with the cross-border wallet provider.
  • During the account setup, users may be required to provide personal information and go through identity verification processes to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Yes, iFlexMoney can be used internationally, but it is important to check with more information and supported currency to understand any fees or limitations that may apply.
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