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We're a payment Solutions that Power Local and Cross-Border Commerce for Any Business B2B or B2C

We're one the of the world’s largest Local and global payments network from cards, cash, mobile money, Bank transfer, eWallet and more...

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Faster Growth

Do business in more places with hundreds of payment methods worldwide

Payouts and FX

Hold funds in multiple currencies, efficient FX and single-currency settlement

Global Payments

Simplify payments and supplier payouts with bank transfer payments

Safe and protected

Ultra-rich data feed, AI's fraud-detection of any irregular behaviour in real-time.

Made to grow with your business

We Give Merchants and small enterprise the Ability to Accept Payments Globally

International payments

Collect payments from customers around the world, Africa & Middle East, North & Central America , Europe including the UK and Eurozone countries, Asia and more

Invoice payments

Predictable and streamlined invoice collection and reconciliation. Eliminate the time-consuming invoice management processes that hold back growth.

Real-time alerts

Our Platform provides the following reports, on daily basis, through our real-time feed, in a powerful, intuitive, easy-to-understand interface.

Multi-Currency Management

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More customers, Spending more with you

Our comprehensive marketing and analytics solution combines your payments data from multiple channels to reveal what your customers really want—and how you’re doing against your peers.

Gauge your performance in the market, measure campaign effectiveness, and use social channels to build your reputation.

Track key metrics–including revenue, sales trends, and average transaction value.

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Clear data-based decisions

Work more efficiently and streamline processes. Value-added solutions to run a smarter, more profitable business.

Our cloud-based reporting and management tools give you the critical data you need to run a smarter, more profitable business. On any device, anywhere in the world.

iFlexMoney is built to adapt. It future-proofs your business, making it easier to expand into new markets, grow revenue, attract new customers—and retain them.

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Trusted all over the world

We do a lot behind the scenes - with tools, capabilities, automation, integrations and services - to make global payments seamless, deliver a world-class customer experience and global Payments Seamless

  • 24/7/365 transaction
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Easy disputes management
  • Chargeback management

Flexible integration options

API Integration - Our RESTful API is designed for a simple integration, which requires minimal investment of resources and connects seamlessly to your business

Pre-built Payment Page - A best-in-class, customisable checkout flow, easily embeddable on your website.

Secure Payment Link - Start using iFlexMoney straight away, with pre-built payment flows and automated notifications localised for over 30 countries.

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Simplified your payments

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We combine the most advanced, multi-cloud platform, with the widest global reach, experience, and presence in the world